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iota, founded in 1999, is an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the art of light and movement by constructing a database of information about artists (biographies) and their works (films, videos, performances, instruments, etc.) as well as bibliographic references (books, articles, exhibition catalogs, etc.). Its emphasis on dynamic media such as film and video animation makes it a relative of visual music.

The exchanges were taken from my posts during the first two years of iota's discussion group. One approach to accessing the information in these exchanges is to read them from beginning to end (the long way). Given that many (but not all) subjects in the iota Exchanges can be found in lists at the top of each page, another approach is to use the links in those lists (much quicker). Most of the items in the subject lists relate in one way or another to visual music and compositional thinking.

(This paragraph was added in November 2000 after I'd completed an essay entitled Visual Music and the iota List. Over the period of my research of the iota list (about a year and half) I gradually became increasingly uneasy with the "flavor" metaphor as descriptive of the various approaches taken to visual music. It's possible that ice cream could be flavored with garlic, artichoke, potato, basil, or even unmentionables and still be considered an ice cream treat by some folks but common sense says that those incongruent flavors seriously digress from the notion of a sweet desert. Similarly the essence of visual music grows out of the principle stated above - natural visual manifestations and invented visual representations of musical elements and musical structures - and the more congruent the flavors are with that notion the closer the works are to the heart of visual music. There's far more to the field of visual music than simply combining sound with dynamic imagery. In a nutshell the dynamic imagery should be variously informed by the music, integrated with the music, embody the music, and/or grow out of the music.)

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