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In 2009, this section of my site, along with a number of others, was extended, developed, polished, and folded into my latest project, Emergent Music And Visual Music: Inside Studies. The new project includes a book, a set of four DVDs, soon to be released CDs, and, eventually to be released, Part 4 featuring the writings and compositions of other artists in field. For more details on the project, go to its Introduction.

Visual Music Studies DVD Series
Ron Pellegrino, composer

The Visual Music Studies DVD Series is composed of electronic sound and light materials and explanatory notes designed to serve as a basis for Visual Music Studies. The presentational form of the DVDs is like a record of a combination of visits to my studios and to my public presentations. What's included should be considered as samples of what's possible with the particular systems I use. The materials are collections based on my personal preferences - ways I prefer to hear, to see, and to explore. The individual studies are various combinations of the sort of raw as well as more developed material you would expect to find in a composer's notebook or an artist's sketchpad.

The purpose of the Visual Music Studies DVD series is to present a feeling for and insight into the experimental process that drives the electronic arts of sound and light. The studies can be used to get a sense of the rhythm of exploration in the performance context. The studies can also be thought of as a guided tour through the sound and light possibilities of particular visual music system configurations. Conceptually the configurations should be viewed as electronic ragas­collections of melodies, rhythms, and tunings that I've honed over the years to make them available as real-time compositional material to be used in a fashion very similar to the traditional approach the North Indian musicians have to their ragas. The material on these DVDs has been in development since the late 1960s and since that time has been the subject of countless private studio tests with an assortment of invited guests. It has also been the subject of many hundreds of public performance field tests such as my concerts and my other presentations.

Visual Music Studies Volume 1 contains a variety of materials including a 22 minute video called Sample Suite which is composed of excerpts from the 10 studies included on the first two volumes. It also includes explanatory notes and slides as well as the first 4 studies. Click on the links below in the Volume 1 content list to read the explanatory notes online. To provide a sense of the nature of the studies a short highly compressed excerpt from one of the studies can be accessed from this link - click here.

Volume 1 - Pythagoras & Pellegrino In Petaluma

Volume 2 - Pythagoras & Pellegrino In Petaluma

Volumes 1 and 2 of the Visual Music Studies DVD Series will be available for purchase in the near future.

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