Taoist Magic Figures

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Selected framegrabs from Ron Pellegrino's

Visual Music video pieces.

The first set of images are frames grabbed from Pellegrino's video pieces incorporating his digitized laser animations, computer graphics, and computer animations.

This group represents two classes of images

  1. High levels of implied motion.
  2. Taoist magic figures.

1. Music is a dynamic art (time based) articulated by the motion of its elements. The power of music is generated by motion, by the memory trail of its elements as they change over time. The receptive audience is moved by music because the dynamic structures created by the motion of music induce physical and psychical resonances. Dynamic visual art, that is, visual music, can exercise the same power.

2. Taoist magic figures are born of the same forces that create life forms: highly energetic wavicles interacting (describes music) to create living forms more or less ephemeral according your temporal ruler - 80 years is barely a tick in the clock of the universe. These Taoist magic figures are created by a point of laser light driven by music synthesizer-generated stereo wavetrains.

Information About These Images

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The image group will change from time to time. Check back.

March, 1997. As promised, another set of Taoist magic figures. These images are taken from Figured, a film I created in 1971 as part of my Lissajous Lives film series, a set of films that used music synthesizer (Moog, Buchla, ARP 2600, and Synthi EMS) generated imagery exclusively.

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May, 1997. Another set of Taoist magic figures. The first two images are from my Lissajous Lives film series and the last one is from one of my performance laser ragas.

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