Sample Program - Mostly Solo

The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interarts and Technology Program presents

Visual Music: A visit to Ron Pellegrino´s Studio

With friends:

Rolliana Scheckler

Joseph Koykkar

Todd Welbourne

Friday, September 17, 1999


Margaret H´Doubler Performance Space

Lathrop Hall

Blind Mary
Rolliana Scheckler, Celtic harper and singer
Turlough O´Carolan, Music
Ron Pellegrino, Video

Mark Farewell to Whidbey
Rolliana Scheckler, Celtic harper and singer
Harper Tasche, Music
Ron Pellegrino, Video

I. MIDI-Blue Boogie
II. Soundscape in Black & White
III. Bonks, Thunks, and Kenong
Joseph Koykkar, Composer
Todd Welbourne, MIDI piano
Ron Pellegrino, Video

Electric Light Dance
Ron Pellegrino, Music and Video

Visual Music Fundamentals: A demonstration of how every musical element, structure, and process has a corresponding natural visual form
Ron Pellegrino, Music driven laser animation/projection system

Music for the Mind´s Eye: Loving Leviathans
Ron Pellegrino, Music

Laser Seraphim
Ron Pellegrino, Music and laser animation/projection system

(Actual program content varies from engagement to engagement.)

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