Sample Program 3 - Collaborative Event

Wabash College

Visiting Artist Series presents

Ron Pellegrino's Electronic Arts Production


Integrating Music and the Visual Arts


Ron Pellegrino, Visiting Artist

In collaboration with

Wabash College performing artists

Ron Pellegrino, director

Doug Boodt, lighting and technical assistance

Wednesday, October 19, 1997


Ball Theater

I The first part of this evenings's program features a solo presentation by Dr. Pellegrino. It will include synthesizer-driven laser-based music visualizations on a large projection surface. It also includes visual music performances on computers based on CD-ROMs and computer algorithms developed, collected, and refined over many years.

II The second part of the program features duets and ensembles based on the work of students, faculty, and staff who participated in the residency workshop which has been conducted over the past three days (October 27-29).

The early stage of the residency dealt with the technical issues of designing and configuring a performance-multimedia facility in the performance space. The early stage was also used to introduce people to fundamental ideas and working materials for the performance event. The middle stage was devoted to brainstorming, exploration, rehearsals, and meeting with individuals and groups on matters relating to multimedia in music, art, communications, and education. The final stage of the residency is what you will be witnessing this evening - the refinement and presentation of the participants' work.

The following is the culmination of that residency. All work by these performers is original and, in most cases, has been created for this event.

In addition to working closely with all of the participants in the evenings's program, Dr Pellegrino has, in coordination with his Wabash College residency this week, introduced and discussed his work with a number of classes including Professor Marc Hudson's Future and Literature, Professor Bennett's Introduction to Music, and Professor Jacobs' Music Theory III, and Introduction to Electronic Music.

(Actual program content varies from engagement to engagement.)

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