Sample Program 2 - Collaborative Event

California Polytechnic State University

Cal Poly Arts presents

Ron Pellegrino


A concert of Visual Music and Performance-Multimedia


Ron Pellegrino, artist-in-residence

In collaboration with

California Polytechnic State University performing artists

Ron Pellegrino, director

Buddy Pope, lighting and technical assistance

Thursday, February 12, 1998


Cohan Center Pavilion

Visual Music Fundamentals: A demonstration of how every musical element, structure, and process has a corresponding natural visual form
Ron Pellegrino, Music driven laser animation/projection system

Jazz Trio
Wilbur Hoyt, drums [undergraduate]
Mario Daley, bass [undergraduate]
Anthony Enns, piano [undergraduate]
Ron Pellegrino, video

Pan from Six Metamorphoses ofter Ovid
Jessica Getman, oboe [undergraduate]
Benjamin Britten, composer
Ron Pellegrino, video

Brian Kropp, piano [undergraduate]
Alfred Cassella, composer
Ron Pellegrino, video

Prelude and Dance
Janice Hurlburt, accordion [graduate student]
Paul Creston, composer
Ron Pellegrino, video

John Wakeman, songwriter/singer/guitar [undergraduate]
Ron Pellegrino, video

Jazz Piano
Paul Rinzler, piano [faculty]
Ron Pellegrino, video

Greg Barata, composer/poet [faculty]
Ron Pellegrino, video

Rachel Robison, dancer [undergraduate]
William T. Spiller, piano [faculty]
John Russell, composer [faculty]
Ron Pellegrino, video

(Actual program content varies from engagement to engagement.)

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