Quest for Audio Excellence is driven by an ongoing battle with the forces of aural desensitization and plummeting audio standards and practices at all levels in the global professional and public audio arenas. This area includes reports in the form of reviews of audio engineers and technicians working the professional performance scene as well as articles on sound and related issues. The focus is on what is specifically required to improve the personal and public musical auditory environment. The information in this section of the site is accessible through either of two lists, a Titles List and a Dated Annotated List (latest posts first).

Titles List

An Audio Horror Story: Testing and Tuning a Soundspace
Audio Fidelity, Hearing, and our Educational System
Audio Prayer

Audio Report 1: Marcus Roberts
Audio Report 2: The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra
Audio Report 3: Intel Internet Media Symposium
Audio Report 4: Ali Akbar Khan
Audio Report 5: Chanticleer
Audio Report 6: Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
Audio Report 7: Kronos Quartet
Audio Report 8: Zakir Hussain
Audio Report 9: Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
Audio Report 10: Les Brown & His Band of Renown

Conversations With Audio Engineers
Countering Audio Feedback Squeals

The Crevices of Audio Compression

The Effects of Sound/Music on the Human Digestive System

Loud Music & Hearing Loss

"Manipulative and Sometimes Apocalyptic Sound Engineering"

Noise and Sound Pollution: Issues and Principles

Perceptual Expectations, Immersive Sound Environments, and Recording

Searching for a Balance of Sound and Silence

Why Are Audio Engineers The Enemies Of Our Ears?

Dated Annotated List

Booking information and comments.

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