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Multimedia Concerts -- Performance multimedia events that integrate resident faculty, student, and community performers with Pellegrino´s approach creating unique public shows without stylistic boundaries. Every effort is made to include all who want to participate. Based on the forms of set pieces, guided or free improvisations, or combinations of all, these concerts have included composers and musical performers of every stripe, choreographers, dancers, painters, sculptors, photographers, computer and video artists, laser artists, filmmakers, poets, actors, mask makers, storytellers, and stage lighters. Pellegrino carries with him a full complement of flexible forms designed to enhance creative interaction; he has three decades of experience producing events of this nature.

Visualizing Music -- Every musical element has a corresponding natural visual structure. With laser projections that can easily be viewed by a large audience, the structural principles of music are illustrated in dynamic graphic detail. Enchanting laser light forms emerging from fundamental musical events serve to make those events visible and audible simultaneously, thereby multiplying and intensifying the impact on the audience´s perceptual modes. Microcomputer graphics illustrate how musical thinking animates dynamic visual art. Video projections give colorful insight into current and future art forms that integrate music, computer graphics, and lasers. The event includes Pellegrino´s work specially designed to be both seen and heard.

Corporate Universities vs. Academic Universities -- Corporations large and small are establishing their own universities to educate their employees and clients on matters critical to the well-being of their businesses, including music in multimedia. They are hiring educational consultants to teach their employees fundamental principles and advanced techniques of music selection, recording, editing, and integration with desktop, presentation, and online multimedia applications. Corporations used to rely mainly on academic universities to provide their employees and clients with current information of value to their enterprises; this is no longer true today. Why are today´s corporations losing faith in the academic world? What can the academic world do to stem that loss of confidence? What can the academic music world do to prepare their students to enter and succeed in the new Corporate University climate?

Excellence in Multimedia Audio: Principles, Tools, and Techniques -- A presentation based on a recent event prepared for San Francisco´s North Bay Multimedia Association , one in a series of efforts by Pellegrino to raise consciousness and quality levels of multimedia audio. Covers the fundamentals of musical acoustics and perception, affordable and accessible hardware and software tools, and basic techniques for achieving the highest possible audio quality levels given current multimedia constraints.

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