Pellegrino’s Latest Music Samples as of May 30, 2012
and Music Samples from past projects.


All my new music and new videos are now on YouTube. Years ago when I started posting pieces on YouTube I was not at all pleased with their compression algorithms which at that time led to a significant loss of sound and video quality. Today YouTube's algorithms have improved enough that I find most of their work at least borderline acceptable. Because everyone, including myself, is in such a hurry today, the problem with posting high quality audio and video files on my own site is that it takes too long to download them even with a good broadband connection. So go to my YouTube channel to experience my latest work. I acquired the new iPad in late April of 2012 and have been in a ecstatic work frenzy ever since then.

The music samples that follow are not to be found on YouTube. This set of music samples is taken from the 8 CDs that have been released during the past few years - 6 CDs from the Emergent Music And Visual Music: Inside Studies project and 2 CDs associated with my book published in 1983, The Electronic Arts Of Sound And Light.

Given the reductive nature of the compression algorithms required of today’s web, the music samples are at the best quality level I could squeeze out of the system. Of course if you care about getting the truly best commercial quality level short of the analog masters plus hearing the complete pieces, spring for the CDs; they are all available via

Each of the links below takes you to a page dedicated to a particular CD. That page includes an excerpt of one of the essays from the book, Realizing Electronic Dreams: A Composer’s Notes And Themes, that describes each track on the CD in detail (the Notes) and provides background material in the form of essays (the Themes). That page also includes track titles along with a complete program note for the track with the music sample.

Links to Pellegrino’s Latest Music Samples

From the Emergent Music And Visual Music: Inside Studies project:

CD 1 - Audience Favorites: Track 6, Laser Seraphim - Fast (1987)

CD 2 - Italian-American Electronic Music Dramas: Track 1 - Phoenix Rising (1973)

CD 3 - San Francisco 70s Free Music Scene: Track 1 - Light Feet (1978)

CD 4 - Sonic Dreams: Folk Music For The Millennium: Track 14 - Cymatics Sails Again (1982)

CD 5 - Playgrounds : Track 1 - Pipe Dreams (1988)

CD 6 - University Playgrounds: Track 7 - Oberlin College (1974)
, Kaleidoscopic Electric Rags

From my 1983 book,The Electronic Arts Of Sound And Light:

Volume 1, The Electronic Arts of Sound and Light: Music for the Book: Track 2 - Score to Video Slices (1975)

Volume 2, The Electronic Arts of Sound and Light: Music for the Book: Track 10 - R*ES@Cat's Paw in Berkeley (1976)

In addition to the music samples from the CDs you can access even more music samples via the New Video Samples page. Music included with some of those video samples is not to be found on any published CDs. And if you want even more music samples you can go to the old (1996 - 2009) Pellegrino’s Music Samples page.