Pellegrino's TEAC A-3440 as listed on eBay (3/14/10 to 3/21/10)

TEAC A-3440 Auction Copy:

This auction is for a TEAC A-3440--an analog 4-Channel Multitrack Tape Deck with SIMUL-SYNC. It's from the studios of electronic arts pioneer, Ron Pellegrino-- It was purchased in 1982 from Bananas At Large in San Rafael, CA, still a top SF Bay Area professional audio store in 2010. The TEAC was located in my various California and Texas electronic music studios, all of which emphasized live performance, not studio recording sessions. So it served a documentary function thus it was used very lightly and with great respect; one owner, one user. It's virtually new and in perfect condition. Just recently, in preparation for my latest project, it was cleaned, lubricated and tuned by an older technician who grew up with this instrument in the 80s and 90s. It took some effort to find him but there he was in Denton, TX maintaining campus gear at North Texas University in the Media Department (he was a great find).

The TEAC A-3440 was one of the recording instruments of early 1980s preferred by creative sound and recording artists around the globe. The other preferred recording instrument was the Technics RS-1500US, a half-track stereo instrument that I will offer up on eBay in a few months just as soon as I complete my latest project, EMERGENT MUSIC AND VISUAL MUSIC: INSIDE STUDIES (a book, set of 4 DVDs, and multiple CDs). Both instruments run at 15 and 7 1/2 ips so the sound is top quality. I have posted on my site numerous sound samples that will testify to the TEAC sound quality: the sound samples are found with the program notes for the 7 CDs I've recently produced. There are links to those materials via my home page URL given above.

If you check out those samples, remember that the original masters were all analog made anytime from 15 to 38 years ago (pro pals told me there was no way I would get decent sound quality from such old recordings especially since I'd moved seven times usually in the heat of summer; my pro pals were way off the mark). During the past year I reviewed those analog recordings, digitized and edited what I wanted to keep and use on the CD series, and then compressed excerpts to include on my site. Because the original analog recordings were of such high quality I was able to get the sound I wanted even in the compressed mode.

I have loads of digital gear but I often side with those among us who swear by the rich sound of the analog world. I hope to place the instrument with an analog lover.

Everything that came with the instrument will go with the instrument. Included are all the original parts--the users manual, audio cables, shipping carton, 10 1/2 inch take-up reel, and NAB hub adapters. The shipping weight is 59 pounds (analog is heavy). If you have a FedEx account (easy to get; just call them, give them your credit card number, and the shipping gets charged to your account) shipping can be charged to your account so you pay exactly what it costs to ship it to you (no handling charges) plus anything else such as insurance if you want it. Otherwise you can have it shipped UPS. For payment I prefer a bank wire transfer but I will accept PayPal if that is what the buyer prefers.

Scans and photos of the TEAC A-3440 Owner's Manual:

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