Pellegrino’s ARP 2600

My ARP 2600 attracted bidders from all over the globe - a half dozen European countries, the Persian Gulf, Japan, Australia, North America, and South America. From their messages I got the strangest feeling that many bidders mostly liked how the 2600 looked but were clueless as to its potential and its limitations. I definitely did not want to sign it over to a trophy hunter so I placed it where I thought it would receive the attention it deserved, with a Brazilian artist.

Unfortunately the eBay copy for the 2600 listing was trashed while cleaning my desktop in preparation for my next big project. What remains is one of my messages written in response to a bidder who was also interested in my other instruments and who wondered why I was releasing all that great gear. My response to him was as follows:

"I’ve received quite a few inquiries about my other synthesizers and related gear that I plan to offer via eBay soon. My plan is to offer each item separately after I’ve thoroughly checked it out and run it through its paces. There are dozens of instruments that await my attention but because I enjoy the process I don’t plan to rush it. The answer to the question of why I’m letting these instruments go is that for the past couple of years I’ve been seduced again by all those great songs from the teens to the nineties. How so much of the feeling of an era can be captured by a melodic line and chord changes never ceases to amaze and amuse me. So my fake book collection and my 6 foot Yamaha have pretty much dominated my music making life recently and because it’s such a great psychophysical exercise (brain juggling the I/0s of eyes, ears, fingers, singing, and analysis on the fly) I don’t see that inclination changing soon. That game is a great exercise at any time in life but the older one gets the better it as an exercise for tuning the entire music making system. I have no doubt that the pieces that make up my electronic studios will be better off with people who will play with them; so eventually most of my instruments will find a new home."

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