Service to Synthi A(Serial No.4721)and KS(Serial No.4450), part of the system in the eBay auction

performed by:

Trendeal Vean Barn,
Cornwall TR2 4NW.

1) Pots crackling/treated with contact cleaner: Osc1 sine,Osc1 saw, Osc2 tri, Filter level, Response, Ring Mod, Stick horiz range, Input Ch1, Input Ch2, Rev Mix, Rev level, Trapezoid, Pan Ch2.

2) Replace pots: Osc1 sine, Osc1 saw, Osc2 tri, Filter level, Response, Ring Mod, Stick Horiz range, Pan Ch2.

3) Repair reverb spring unit. Broken spring + open circuit coil.

4) 3 x oscillator stabilisation modifications.

5) Supply/fit one metal can dual transistor (LM394CH) to Osc3.

6) Replace broken 8-way socket on KS keyboard.

7) Reduce waveform defect on Osc3 triangle. Replace ME9002.

8) Fit SOT resistor to centralise shape pot on Osc2.

9) Supply 4 x M4 hand-screws for case and fit 2 x M4 inserts to KS.

10)Misc: Replace 2 x power rail adjust presets (cermet)
Replace 3 x satin silver knob inserts
Check jack connectors/clean.

11)Complete realignment and test all functions.

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