Emergent Music And Visual Music: Inside Studies
by Ronald A. Pellegrino


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Rolliana posted something on your Wall and wrote:

"It was very fast. The DVDs arrived about 3 days after I placed my order even though I had selected the least expensive, slowest shipping option. The book arrived about 2 days later. Read through about 1/2 of it last Saturday - it's really impressive!!!!! Thought I should read it before watching/listening to the DVDs, so hope to finish the book this week. There is a lot to absorb. I'm learning much and enjoying it...feeling inspired."

Sweet music to the ears of an author that an accomplished multifaceted artist and sophisticated reader is "...feeling inspired" by his book. It should be noted that the book and the DVDs were designed to go it either alone or hand-in-hand. Part Three: The CDs are now being released; links on my home page will take you to their program notes and audio samples..

The complete package for EMERGENT MUSIC AND VISUAL MUSIC: INSIDE STUDIES comes in four parts - Part One: The Book, Part Two: The DVDs, Part Three: The CDs, and Part Four (eventually to be released): Leading Experimentalists of the late 20th/early 21st Centuries.

The project explores in depth, among others, three key notions - emergent music, visual music, and realtime composition:

Electronic arts pioneer, Ron Pellegrino, whale-watching off Maui
with his daughter, Lisa, to whom the project is dedicated.

Pellegrino is a composer, performer, researcher, and author of numerous articles and several groundbreaking books: AN ELECTRONIC STUDIO MANUAL(1969), the first published book on the modern electronic music synthesizer, THE ELECTRONIC ARTS OF SOUND AND LIGHT (1983), the first published book on integrated electronic media in the arts, and with this new project, the first published book on the integrated natures of algorithmic composition and visual music. This new project is based on his research, composition, and performance experiences, both solo and in collaboration with numerous performance artists, in over 1000 public presentations at art museums, science museums, cultural centers, and universities since the late 60s in North America, Europe, and South America.

Pellegrino, formerly on the faculties of Oberlin Conservatory of Music, University of Wisconsin-Madison, The Ohio State University, Miami University, Texas Tech University, Western Carolina University, and California State University-Sonoma, established electronic arts facilities and taught in university departments of music, physics, art, computer science, and education. He has also designed and implemented electronic arts production facilities for independent artists and major U.S. corporations.

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Chapter 15, Visual Music Flavors

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