by Ronald A. Pellegrino

The material on the DVDs has never been publicly released except in small format, low resolution bits and very short pieces used to illustrate one point or another on my website. What that means is that this is the first time the material on the DVDs is available outside of my live performances. The four DVDs contain audiovisual examples of the studies covered in Emergent Music and Visual Music: Inside Studies, Part One: The Book.

DVD Volumes 1 and 2 include a broad range of studies involving a variety of video explorations, computer animations based on dynamical systems algorithms, music synthesizer-driven laser animations, and full and excerpted recordings of studio sessions and live concert performances I did with various collaborators -- dancers, video artists, and musicians.

DVD Volumes 3 and 4, called Pythagoras & Pellegrino In Petaluma, contain music synthesizer-driven, animated laser imagery -- visual music meditations based on Pythagorean principles articulated as an approach to performance that is, in fact, a type of real time composed walking tour through the various states of dynamic equilibrium found around the intersections of stereo wave trains whose fundamental frequencies have whole number ratios. The meditations are video-appropriate examples of laser animations that are created via a real time compositional process, a process that can be thought of as a dance to, from, and around those intersections.

The titles of the pieces included on the DVDs can be seen as Sections Five through Eight of The Book's Table of Contents.

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The following photos are for folks who show an interest in bidding on PART 2: THE DVDS of my EMERGENT MUSIC AND VISUAL MUSIC: INSIDE STUDIES project. I'm providing these photos on my site because the eBay system rejected all my attempts for three days running to upload JPEGs. Could there be on the part of eBay some prejudice against new iMacs?

The case.

Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Volume 3 and Volume 4.

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Contents, includes a list of the pieces found on the four DVDs.
Chapter 1, Emergent Music
Chapter 15, Visual Music Flavors

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