Sound and Digestion

To: Kathleen Marquardt <>
From: Ron Pellegrino
Subject: Re: Music & Digestion

>Ron, is it permitted to copy your article on music and digestion,
>including the copyright info, and include it with letters
>expressing distress to offending restaurants?

>I´m always eager to find research reports on the effect of
>today´s inescapably public music on our health. Years ago I
>knew second-hand tobacco smoke was bad for me (us), but it
>was a long wait for the surgeon general´s report agreeing with
>me. It feels the same way with music and unwanted sound.

>The pool where I used to swim in glorious silence (or whatever
>the word is for musiclessness) started having music and when I
>was calling to find out whether or not I´d be able to renew my
>membership, asked, "Do you force us to listen to music?" It
>took a while for the question to compute; apparently the
>person I was asking had never thought that unwanted music
>we can do little about (without gaining crank status) is,
>essentially, an act of force.

>Sorry, I´m venting. Thanks for your good work.

>Kathleen Marquardt, Milwaukee, WI - fairly new subscriber to


Yes, you´re welcome to use the article according to your request; please do include the copyright information.

The problem with having music as a background to any physical activity, including swimming, is that music truly does "force" most people to move according to its beat and rhythms. The psychophysical principle is called entrainment and it operates on all levels, micro through macro. In its most obvious form, the entrainment principle is the foundation of music for dance, marches, and work songs. One of the problems with our culture is that it considers sound to be decoration and doesn´t care to dig into the depth of power it has over human beings.

No argument on the issue of the low level of sound consciousness in the environmental movement.

Ron Pellegrino

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