Noise and Sound Pollution: Issues and Principles

Public awareness of the significant consequences of noise and sound pollution is on the rise in the late 1990s. In the vernacular, noise is normally considered to be loud obnoxious sound. As such noise is a subcategory of sound pollution which includes any sound - soft or loud, simple or complex - that is undesirable or unhealthy. This section of the site is dedicated to providing fundamental information about issues related to sound, hearing, and noise. What follows is a collection of subject links to Pellegrino´s essays and letters as well as email exchanges written in response to noise and sound pollution issues raised in discussions of the quiet-list and the acoustic-ecology list.

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QUIET-LIST: Internet Mail List and Forum for discussion of Noise Pollution, Soundscape Awareness, and the Right to Quiet. Email: "". To subscribe, email "" with message "subscribe quiet-list". For information, send message "info quiet-list" to same.

To join the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology discussion group, send the following message via email. Send the message to: 1) Leave the subject line blank. 2) In the body of the message type: subscribe acoustic-ecology. 3) You will receive a confirmation message.

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