Audio Feedback Squeal Protection

Date: Fri, 28 May 1999
To: Ron Pellegrino <>
From: (David Scheirman)
Subject: Re: Audio feedback squeal protection

>Hi David:
>What follows are some thoughts for you and the folks at JBL....


Ron, thanks for your thoughts. Good to hear from you.

Interesting coincidence. A few months ago, the President of Harman Pro North America (which controls JBL Professional) went to a school play with his children and wife. He was, like you, partly involved as a volunteer to help make things go smoothly.

There was a feedback incident for him, as well, triggered by a child moving the position of a microphone, and an uninformed teacher/sound operator turning the knobs.

He came back to the office after the weekend, with exactly your feeling: how can we make simple electronic control systems that protect users in schools, churches, etc. from themselves and their audio systems?

I've passed your ideas on to him.

Hope you are doing well,
Best regards,
David Scheirman

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