Pellegrino's Multimedia Performance Events and Residencies

The multimedia performance events are full scale (not desktop) public performance presentations based on the theme of visual music. The setting for the events includes a large projection screen flanked by multiple video monitors and a top flight finely tuned audio system. All the performers, the equipment (lasers, video gear, computers, music synthesizers, theater lights, etc.), and the performance process are fully visible to those in attendance. For more detailed information see Sample Residencies and Performance Events

Visual music is a focused multimedia approach based on natural and invented visual embodiments of music with applications in performance art, entertainment, visual art, and education. Visual music forms emerge from the integration of the physics, psychophysics, and metaphysics of sound, light, form, and movement. These multimedia forms are born of the marriage of current and emerging technology and the rich, long tradition of global performance art. Lasers, computers, synthesizers, and video merge with dance, voice, dynamic visual art, and acoustic and electronic music to create unparalleled sensory experiences.

The solo and group multimedia events and the educational residencies are based on over three decades of electronic arts research by

The Residencies at colleges, universities, or cultural centers result in a public multimedia performance after four or more days of exploration, rehearsals, and a refining process. The game plan for the multimedia performance has two parts:

The early stage of a residency is used to deal with the technical issues of designing and configuring a multimedia performance facility in the performance space. The early stage is also used to introduce people to fundamental ideas and working materials for the performance event. The middle stage is devoted to brainstorming, exploration, rehearsals, and meeting with individuals and groups on matters relating to multimedia in music, art, communications, and education. The final stage of the residency focuses on refining the performances and presenting the show. All it takes on the part of the local artists is a willingness to participate and an open, positive attitude.

Residency Collaborations

Performance-multimedia events connected with university residencies in the late 1990s have included collaborations with the following types of resident performers:

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