What follows is representative of responses to my essay on "Why Are Audio Engineers the Enemies of Our Ears?"from audio folks who refuse to face the issues that undermine the field. They prefer to act out of hubristic rage. As usual the spelling and punctuation of the respondent is left intact.

Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 00:16:34 -0800
From: GrassMan <agrassman4u@worldnet.att.net>
Organization: The Shop...
To: ronpell@microweb.com
Subject: Idiot w/out ears

Hi GrassMan:

Thanks for your response to my essay on Why Are Audio Engineers the Enemies of Our Ears?. I post a cross section of the responses to that essay on my site so people interested audio excellence can get a sense of who's out there and what they're thinking in the audio engineering arena. Given the level of thought and feeling crystallized in your response, I'll definitely add it to the posted response mix.

<I'd like to see you do a better job, asshole.

If you'd like to hear a better job, come to one of my performance-multimedia events.

<If we're "enemies" of your ears, try hearing any show at all without
<sound reinforcement support.

At least half the concerts I attend are "without sound reinforcement support" and by far they have the best sound, the actual sounds of the musical sources unmodified and undistorted.

<If you think "The majority of audio
<engineers are deaf or nearly deaf in the most sensitive region of
<human hearing, the frequency band between 1.5 kHz and 5 kHz" you really
<are a pompous ass. Would you like to see the response curves plotted
<from my last annual hearing test?

Indeed I would. Please attach a photocopy to your next message and I´ll post it on my site along with this message. Do you wear prophylactics in your ears? If not, I have a feeling you should if you want to stay in the audio business. You might be interested in checking out this URL on the subject of prophylactics in your ears.

<It´s not just the engineers who are
<responsible for SPL´s, Einstein, if the PERFORMERS won´t or can´t
<control their STAGE VOLUME there´s little I can do. After I´ve pulled
<all the instruments out of the mix (i.e. none of that horrid - sound
<reinforcement... shudder) it´s just the band- on stage- pushing all that
<air, not me, not my rig, and not even you and your moronic hot air

You sound a bit out of breath and confused here. The stage mix/levels and the audience mix/levels are two separated sound worlds. If the performers are deaf, crank up the stage mix; but don't impose their deafening levels on the audience.

<Sound techs, as well as all technical support personell are dedicated,
<hard working REAL people without whom your little night at the show
<would never happen. Engineers are not the enemies of anyone's ears, but
<ignorance is the enemy of truth, and you dwell in the darkest...


<the truth will set you free, ronpell

The combination of dedication and hard work needs to be focused on the right targets with an artistic attitude to be of any value to the arts in society. You could say of war criminals and other murderers that they were "dedicated, hard working REAL people" but that doesn´t make their work desirable or of any positive value to society. Your quasi-philosophical rambling also sounds somewhat breathless and confused. Calm down and get a grip on the reality of the entire audio world including respect for the music and the audience attending their "little night at the show." You´ll find yourself on firmer ground in your quest for truth.

The more I read your message the more I sense a certain quality of breathlessness, fogginess, and confusion in your communication. Is it possible it has something to do with referring to yourself as being a "GrassMan?"

Hoping that the picture eventually clears up for you.

Ron Pellegrino

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