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ISEA Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts was founded in the Netherlands in 1990. ISEA is an international nonprofit organization fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organizations and individuals working with art, science and emerging technologies.

Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) is a resource for artists' video and interactive media. EAI's core program is the international distribution of a collection of new and historical media works by artists. Founded in 1971 as a nonprofit media arts center, EAI also offers a video preservation program and a screening room/study center. The Online Catalogue is a resource on the 175 artists and 3,000 works in the EAI collection. The searchable database includes artists' biographies, tape descriptions, QuickTime excerpts, resource materials, and online ordering.

The ANIMUSIC DVD. A technical tour de force. A highly imaginative, inventive, and playful approach to creating cartoon-like music instruments perfectly synchronized to a digitally created soundtrack. All the material is based on virtual instruments that correspond to the synthesized music track. This is the sort of animation that'll appeal to folks to don't normally take to cartoon-like animation.

A site dedicated to Synaesthesia & the Arts, experiment and research - Doctor Hugo ((eMuseum of the Mind)). Right or wrong, many people closely associate visual music with synaesthesia (a sensation produced in one modality when a stimulus is applied to another modality, as when the hearing of certain sound induces the visualization of a certain color) and this quotation taken from the site will give you an idea why that's the case - "SYNAESTHESIA KEYWORDS: synesthesia, colored hearing, synesthésie, audition colorée, synästhesie, farbenh?, sinestetica, sinestezia, tele-synaesthesia, touch reception, tangoreception, exteroreceptive sensations, audio-visual-olfactory, light sorrow, intersensory transfer, seemingnesses, inter-sensorial, harmony of the senses, internal sensations, olfaction, audiovisual polyphony, sensory couplings, déjà vu, verbochromia, associations of similarity, interoreceptive sensations, photisms, prosopagnosia, face-blindness, sixth sense, hypersensitivity, eidetic memory, mind pictures, dyscalculia, audiovisual counterpoint, spatial thinking, the mixing of the senses, numerically dyslexic, proprioreceptive sensations, loaded mind, reverse prosopagnosia, polysensory system, monosensory, third eye, bisensory, twice-modes, crossed wires, uncommon senses, eidetic imagery, the private life of the senses, synaesthetic media, extraordinary conscious experiences, a unity of senses, synchrony of 40hz oscillations, digit-colour synaesthesia, perceptual modules, pseudosynaesthesia, sensory modality, a union of the senses, cross-modal transfer, somaesthetic sensations, chromophobia, mnemosyne, photographic memory, chronochromie, pitch perception, categorical perception, chromaesthesia, colour communication, semantic mediation, coloured vowels, sensorium, vestibular sense, peripheral vision, signal feedback, temperature perception, colourblindness, eideticism, taste colorizations, internal vision, pheromonal influences, mind analogy, crossed wired, mental display, clairvoyance, prophetic dreams, hypersensitivity, autism, sequencial synaesthesia, mind sets, colored emotion, sasperger's syndrome, marmalade skies, synaesthetic screen, synaesthetic space, multisensory"

Gil Hedley, Ph.D., leads workshops "Dedicated to exploring inner space". This site is a excellent source of information about: "Body Information and Teachers, Healing Schools, The Power of Water, The Power of Sound, The Power of Light, Beyond Establishment Cancer Stuff, Beyond Establishment Birthing, Cool Resources for Hard-to-Find Information and Products, Sacred Geometry/Holistic Physics, General Resources and Schools, and Co-Creative Science."

The site of Shohdv Nagib, someone who truly understands the simple beauty of video feedback. No need for a truckload of cash and racks of gear. A truly lovely site. Some words from it creator: "Video feedback is a fruitful pastime which awakens interesting thoughts and reflections. I would even say that this is just another way to reach a higher state of consciousness.

I discovered video feedback the same time I was visiting Egyptian mawalid (sufi celebrations) with a VHS camera. This is not a coincidence for it was then, that I began "meddling in the affairs of Infinity"."

Omnicetera: journal of the Omnimedia Artists, "a quarterly electronic publication relating to the art of experimental sound and video performance as practiced at the end of the twentieth century."

Ylem's Art On The Edge, the website of an international group of artists, scientists, authors, and art enthusiasts who explore the intersection of the Arts and Sciences. The Ylem Forums presented at the Exploratorium in San Francisco are unique events that feature leading edge integrators of the arts and sciences. Includes numerous links to sites of other artists working the art and technology field.

Stephen Wilson is a Professor of Conceptual Design/Information Arts in the Art Department of San Francisco State University. His website is what I would put in the truly exceptional category, a stimulant for those with inquiring minds. His current obsession is telepresence/haptic interfaces, systems that use communication and computing technology to allow a person to act on events at a distance. The user controls robots or other devices and monitors the results via video, audio, force feedback, and/or virtual reality immersive interfaces. If you're a prospector in this field, Wilson's site is a gold mine.

The THIS collective statement:

Trans-Hyperborean Institute of Science is a collective that promotes health and human ecology through the use of regenerative environmental/multimedia systems. THIS features Concorus an algorithmically structured musical, visual and interactive CD-ROM that enhances the natural order of any environment. THIS also sponsors the music group Vulcan's Child who use sound healing and computer generated music creating the latest spiritual, ecological and empowering electronic music.

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