Soundspace Tuning Corroboration

What follows is a short message from an audio engineer agreeing with the premise of my piece An Audio Horror Story: Testing and Tuning a Soundspace, the premise being that the best audio people rely on experienced and musically educated ears rather than gear and formulas to tune a soundspace.

From: "Jim Gould" <>
To: <>
Subject: keep up the good work
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 08:21:14 -0400

> Hello there, I do not know you but your comments on using machines or devices to tune a space for music sure hits home. As an audio consultant and live audio engineer for 30 yr. I will trust me ears to make judgments on what it should sound like as well.Luckily I have the practical experience to make it seem in the words of some clients that I am a magician with an eq.I am not into magic much and with reasonable musical taste coupled with some tech skills I am able to do this. You do have a bit of abrasive's to you but I have been known to have a bit too and we are awash in a sea of mediocrity at least as to the level of audio competence


To: "Jim Gould" <>
From: <>
Re: keep up the good work
Date: 7/8/88

Hi Jim:

Thanks for the corroboration. I'd love to hear many more audio folks with your attitude running the audio scene. I'm sure the day will come. I just hope it doesn't take too long.


Ron Pellegrino

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