Both items released November 29, 2012

(Playlists and timing can be found at the bottom of this page, plus, free of charge, you can preview all the compositions included on this DVD and CD by going to my YouTube channel.)

You might ask, why spend the time and energy to create a DVD and a CD of material that’s already online free of charge on YouTube? Simple answer part one: much greater fidelity. Simple answer part two: to produce higher quality personal recordings for myself and for anyone else who might want to add one or the other to their personal collections for further study, ease of use or for access to higher quality images and sound . The original video recordings are in DV format and original music recordings in AIFF, far superior quality to anything you might experience online.

The DVD uses .mp4 which is just a respelling of .m4v which is in fact the target format for movie producing software; that means that video compression happened at an earlier stage in the process. But remember, if you upload .mp4 or .m4v to YouTube, it sends the video and audio to another more severe compression stage. For me that final stage squeeze far too much life out of it. If you’ve never seen nor heard the original there’s no way for you to sense what’s been lost. You just accept what you get as the piece, and there’s no way for you to know the difference between the way it is and the way it should be. That’s a good definition of “dumbed down”.

I’m a serious fan of YouTube because it has global reach and makes materials available 24/7/365. But I have a number of reservations about what YouTube does to pieces it presents, in particular the amount of juice its compression algorithms squeeze out of the files. Three years ago when I uploaded the first set of pieces to my YouTube channel I was so disappointed by what their compression algorithms did to my pieces that I simply abandoned the upload project. In a nutshell, compression algorithms filter out whatever they deem unimportant; that means software engineers were put in charge of designing systems that edit video art. What do software engineers know about video art? I hate brute force compression algorithms with a passion. Google should be hiring software engineers who know enough to give artists continuously variable controls on compression algorithm variables.

Interrupted video is another common problem with online material. Despite being highly compressed I expect that somewhere along the line, download speeds may introduce interruptions in the flow of pieces. I subscribe to a 50 Mbps service and I still sometimes deal with interrupted videos. When I had slower connections it was a far more common problem. And think of how many people are downloading the videos to their smartphones and connections slower than 50 Mbps. The upshot is that the DVD is far superior to anything you could hear or see online.

The CD has uncompressed sound so you can hear all the sounds the YouTube algorithms decided not to include. The music sounds just as it did when I composed it. Because there is no compression there’s a background which means the middle ground and foreground are more clearly heard than the YouTube versions.

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After the first week in December 2012 both items will be available via Find them there by searching the titles: ELECTRONIC SOUND AND LIGHT GARDEN for the DVD and PELLEGRINO'S IPAD MUSIC GARDEN for the CD.


The CD playlist and timing

Dust Dancing 2:15
Lia's Lullaby 3:27
Believe In Sirens? 4:39
Lissajous Is Leaping Lizards 2:08
Alchemical Cruzan 2:26
Asperger's Barcarolle 5:21
East 3:00
March Of Mean Machines 3:58
Moro Bay 2:08
Pushing The iPad 4:12
The Aether Speaks 4:33
California Rain Dance 3:24
Los Osos 2:35
Conversational Ornaments 3:00
Found Souls 3:43
Pythagoras 4:21
Puff Clouds 3:04
Fixer 3:28
Partchly Wackinese 5:15


The DVD playlist and timing

Set One

Believe In Sirens? 4:17
Early Video Feedback 2:41
iPad Music Speed & Density Test 2:16
Dust Dancing 2:16
Emergent Visual Music 10:50
Halloween Street Party 5:27

Set Two

Alchemical Cruzan 2:33
Asperger's Barcarolle 5:32
Classic Music Synthesizer Duet 3:49
Laser & Video Synth Duet 3:38
Lissajous 3:42

Set Three

Pythagoras 4:25
Realtime Composition Lesson 4:51
Flying For Fun 2:44
Santa Anas 5:36
Deep Listening Lesson 2 7:14

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