Study 6 - Keb from Volume 2 of the Visual Music Studies DVD Series, "Pythagoras & Pellegrino In Petaluma"

Ron Pellegrino, July 2003

The Visual Music Studies DVD Series is composed of electronic sound and light materials and explanatory notes designed to serve as a basis for Visual Music Studies. The presentational form of the DVDs is like a record of a combination of visits to my studios and to my public presentations. The first two volumes of the Series are called "Pythagoras & Pellegrino In Petaluma". What follows is the table of contents for those volumes:

Volume 1 - Pythagoras & Pellegrino In Petaluma

Volume 2 - Pythagoras & Pellegrino In Petaluma

For a more extended description of the Volumes 1 and 2 use click here.

Please note that video on the internet in September of 2000 (when I started posting video excerpts) and in March of 2001 (when this excerpt was posted) still has a long way to go for great image and sound quality. Nevertheless, even under current conditions there are ways of optimizing the internet video experience.

As of July 2003 the image size of most of the video files has been increased by a factor of 4. That also means that the files are 4 times as large thereby lengthening the download time. From what I've been led to believe by email responses to the video excerpts most of the people who download these files have fast connections. However, if you have a relatively slow connection (56K or less) do your long file downloads in the background while you're doing other tasks with your computer or you're away from your computer. Whatever the case the following suggestions will improve your experience of the video excerpts.

Ways to get the best results from this video file:

  1. Setting your monitor to a resolution of 640 x 480 will provide the largest image with no distortion. Finer resolutions will also work; the screen will just be smaller and the image compromised somewhat.
  2. With some browsers, Internet Explorer 5 for example, you can resize the the video by grabbing its window in the lower right hand corner and pushing and pulling it. If you resize the image adust your viewing distance to the monitor accordingly.
  3. Be sure you play the music on a good sound system; the speaker built into your computer is as bad as audio systems get. For less than $100 you can get a decent stereo sound system to connect to your computer and your listening pleasure will be greatly enhanced. For less than $50 you can buy decent stereo headphones. Never listen to music over the speakers built into your computer; they should be illegal.
  4. Video files are long, which means downloads are long. Let the file download in the background while you're doing something else with your computer. Or while the file is downloading take a walk and see what birds are playing in your yard or out on the street. If your sound system is turned on, the music will begin playing as soon as the video file is finished downloading. That's a good way to remind yourself you started a long download especially if you start working on something else in the meantime.
  5. To play the video you should have QuickTime installed. If you don't, download it at no cost from Apple.

To download the video excerpt from Study 6 - Keb (10 MB) click here. Be sure to download long video files in the background while you're doing other tasks with your computer or away from your computer.

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