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Beginning in 1996 I designed this site to function as a multimedia e-book and, through the early 2000s, a very early experimental form of the blog (I was not aware of the expression until the 2000s). It was only in early 2010 that I realized that my approach to creating this site has always been much the same as that of cultivating my earth gardens over the years.

Initially I took the multimedia e-book tack because my second book, The Electronic Arts of Sound and Light (1983), took four years to complete (far too long without feedback) partly because I was writing it in the cracks of a busy life. That was a period when I was full-time faculty at several universities, travelled internationally for gigs, set up a home working and living base in Petaluma and the San Francisco Bay Area, plus took on numerous other projects. Despite having an excellent publisher in Van Nostrand Reinhold, I did not find traditional publishing practices attractive (too cumbersome and too slow), so in my mind it was doubtful I would ever write another book, especially because the medium did not allow for presenting examples of the dynamic arts of sound and light. Additionally I decided to take the e-book tack to developing a website because it was clear to me that the internet was soon to be a great vehicle for presenting multimedia ideas and materials. And it quickly became that vehicle, up to a point. Even with current broadband internet access, there is far too much audio and video compression, and that of course results in a serious reduction in quality that is currently dumbing down the electronic arts for most folks new to the media. In 2010 the presentation of materials on CDs and DVDs is far superior to the internet. So I decided to pursue the distribution of my work on multiple vehicles simultaneously. Early in 2009 I decided to take a new tack, one that includes another book (or more), CDs, and DVDs along with the continued development of my website as a multimedia e-book based on materials I will make available simultaneously on the higher fidelity media. As you can see below, there are links to a new book, a set of DVDs, and multiple CDs, all produced since the second quarter of 2009.

This site from early 1996 through the early 2000s was as much an experimental form of the blog as it was an e-book. Some of the essays on this site were direct results of email exchanges with visual music pioneers. During the early days it was also a great vehicle for venting about noise and audio issues and helping to set the stage for badly needed consciousness-raising regarding sonic issues. There was a period when I was heavily involved in the "quiet list". During the same time and beyond it, I was challenging the low performance standards of the audio engineering world with my reviews of and conversations with audio engineers. Also during that period considerable time and effort was spent digging deeper into aesthetic matters fundamental to the electronic arts. Some of it was focused in exchanges on the "iota list", populated mostly by people aspiring to be electronic artists. A wealth of good information emerged from discussions on the "Metaesthetics List" especially those involving Bob Seiple.

At the time of this writing, the site emphasis has shifted to a balance of multimedia e-book and much higher fidelity media such as the exposition of recently produced CDs and DVDs.

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All images on this site are framegrabs from Pellegrino's visual music compositions except for the thumbnail links to external sites.

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